How it Works - Taking the First Step

Initial Assessment

To begin your therapy journey, we start with an initial assessment.


It will generally consist of a few questions exploring what you would like to work on together and where you feel you would like to be in life. It can also give us an important insight into whether we will be a good therapeutic fit. Therapy is a collaborative process right from the first session. You can use this opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the therapy process.


It's important to find a therapist who you feel safe and comfortable with, and who will be able to effectively support you with the difficulties you are experiencing. The assessment process can help with this.

Going Forward

If you decide after your assessment session that now is not the right time for you then there is no obligation to continue. If you decide to continue, then we can begin to work through your experiences together at a pace that feels comfortable. Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly. Regular reviews can ensure progression and help you to gain everything you would like from the process.


To book in for an initial assessment, please get in touch.